Yummy Cream Chaat

Cream Chaat a yummy sweet dish:

Sweets are the hearts of happiness and color of life. Without a sweet dish every special dinner, parties and functional meal is incomplete.

Sweet dishes mostly prepare in homes when some guest comes to home. Sweet dish make the meal table and taste enjoyable and delicious.

Some peoples don't like to eat fruits so if they prepare this cream chaat they would like to eat fruits happily.

Cream Chaat
Yummy Cream Chaat 

Cream Chaat is a very tasty delicious and yummy sweet dish every body like it specially childrens. It is very easy to prepare and take very short time for preparation. After it's preparation it is necessary that it is freeze for almost half hour.  How I prepare now we discuss it.

Ingredients :

Cream: 1 pack
Milk: 1 glass
Banana: 1 dozen
Apple: 1 kg
Mango: 1 kg
Dates: half kg
Peach: half kg
Apricot: half kg
Sugar: half cup

Preparation :

1:First of all wash all fruits well and cut into small pieces in a bowl.

2: Now in a blender add cream, Milk, 2 Banana and sugar and blend it well.

3: Now add this blender mixture into fruits and mixed them well.

4: Now take it in to freezer for almost half hour.

5: sweet yummy Cream Chaat is ready to eat.


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