Dahi baray

Dahi baray recipe:

Dahi baray is a very tasty and delicious spicy recipe. It's taste is so yummy. It is very light recipe. Dahi baray is a very easy to prepare take short time for preparation. Home made masalas are also used and ready made masala for dahi baray also available in markets. How I prepare dahi baray now we discuss it.

Dahi baray
Tasty and crispy dahi baray 


Yogurt: 1 kg
Besan: Half kg
Onions: 3 to 4
Tomatoes:  4
Green chillis: 8 to 10
Potatoes: 3
Mint: 1 cup Crushed
Green coriander: 1 cup Crushed
Mix Masala: 2 tsp

Preparation :

1:Boil potatoes and then cut potatoes, tomatoes, onions and green chillis in to small pieces.

2 :In a bowl add yogurt,water and masala and mixed them well.

3:Now in an other bowl add besan, salt, baking soda, Cumin and water and make a viscous mixture.

4 :Now in a karahi add oil and make small balls, bondi and pappri of this mixture with spoon in oil and fry them until their color turns to golden brown. Then add it in to water.

5:Now in a bowl add all above ingredients ,yogurt and besan balls, bondi and pappri and mixed them.

6 :It's spiciness depending on your taste that how much you like it spicy so add masalas according to your taste.

7:Now delicious and tasty dahi baray recipe is ready to serve.

Dahi baray recipe
Tasty dahi baray 

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